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Facebook rolls out privacy changes – forced to

Facebook rolled out privacy changes — but it’s being forced to do it anyway by regulators.

Facebook has announced a number of privacy changes to its platform in recent days following the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, but the social network would have likely had to make the fixes anyway because of new upcoming legislation.

On March 21, Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg spoke out about the scandal in which 50 million Facebook user profiles were harvested with the data being sent to political consultancy Cambridge Analytica. He announced some changes including a tool at the top of the News Feed to show users what apps have access to the data, restricting developers’ access to data, and other initiatives.

On Wednesday, the social media giant unveiled a raft of measures aimed at making it easier for users to see and access the data held by the company. Facebook said that it had been working on these measures for a while.

While they are trying to regain trust with consumers by pushing out the new measures, it’s likely they would have come in whether the data scandal had happened or not.

“A lot of it, a lot of stuff they would need to have done to be compliant with the new European data protection laws, known as GDPR. So I’m not convinced how much of that was actually really new stuff,” Damian Collins, a U.K. lawmaker who has summoned Zuckerberg to appear in front of the British parliament, told CNBC Wednesday.

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