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The Almighty Dollar Tree

The Dollar Tree chain has been slowly increasing its presence
The Dollar Tree chain has been slowly increasing its presence as the changing face of consumers is having an effect on well-known brand stores in the country.

Regardless of economic status, if we’re being totally honest, who doesn’t like to save a buck and feel as though you’ve beaten the “commerce gods”. Even if only a little bit, right? Well, friends, if you have yet to visit a Dollar Tree store, you are missing out on savings galore. Seriously.

The changing face of consumers is having an effect on the performance well-known brand stores in the country.

The Dollar Tree chain has been slowly increasing its presence over the last five years, and yes, just as they advertise, “everything’s $1”. No lies, no gimmicks.

You can find Dollar Tree stores in just about every major and mid-sized metro or smaller town. What’s also eye catching, is seeing them pop up in some of the more affluent areas, complete with the Jags, Mercedes, Range Rovers and various Hybrids gathered in the parking lot. Looks like folks with some means appreciate a bargain too, you know, “looks better in their pocket”.

The big issue is not the rise of affluent Americans shopping in Dollar Tree stores, but rather the rejection of traditional brands that previous generations were attracted to. Todays’ consumer would rather spend their money differently. The trend is to spend as little as possible on essentials and use the savings for big ticket items, such as traveling.

OK, so, let’s talk about the Dollar Tree inventory. Pretty Damn Great.

In terms of cleaning supplies, whether for personal home use, or even if you own a cleaning business, Dollar Tree’s got you covered. The list of what you will find includes known brands such as Comet, Ajax, paper towels, refill size of glass cleaner, mops, brooms, wet and dry Swiffer products, sponges, laundry detergent, dryer sheets, and more, for the amazing price of one almighty dollar.

Need to re-outfit a kitchen? Dollar Tree to the rescue. They’ve got dishes (and CUTE ones), glasses, wine glasses, coffee mugs, silverware, dish towels, microwavable plates of all varieties, just about any type of kitchen gadget you might need with multiple color choice, again, all for just one dollar each.

Moms, looking for inexpensive, yet fashionable hair gear for your girls? Dollar Tree has a fantastic selection of up-to- date headbands, head wraps, clips, scarves and more. They also carry some pretty cool make-up, nail colors, body lotions and washes, as well as cotton balls or rounds, and polish remover, One Dollar, always.

Dollar Tree also carries all types of party supplies from balloons to gift bags and cards, streamers’ and a good selection of party plates and napkins, essentially everything you would need to make a birthday, graduation or even an anniversary look and feel well put together, for a fraction of the cost at Target, or even Walmart.

And let’s not forget the food items offered by Dollar Tree. Again, not too shabby.

Households fortunate enough to be earning over $100,000 are also trying to improve their middle-class American lifestyle. Even if you have chosen not to buy a home or purchase that new car, odds are like many working-class Americans, you are paying high rents. Why wouldn’t we be inclined to save money on consumer goods whenever we can?

Not only does Dollar Tree have a frozen section where you can find pizza, French fries, various desserts and frozen veggies, but they also have two to three isles loaded with snacks, cookies, pastas and sauces, bread and assorted canned items such as vegetables and soup. The quality control is very good, all items are checked frequently for freshness, as well as expiration dates.

Dollar Tree stores are usually compact and small in size, allowing todays’ shopper to quickly get in and get out. You may also notice Dollar Tree stores are placed in local “neighborhoods”, closer to customers who prefer not to have to shop near heavily populated malls. To some degree, the Dollar Tree has become the new convenience store.

Having visited many Dollar Tree stores, in many states, we can safely say these stores are well stocked, well maintained and organized, and the staff always greet you with a smile and a “welcome to Dollar Tree”. Sadly, that kind of customer appreciation is just no longer the norm.

So, the next time you find yourself in need of the basics, or maybe you just want to explore for a few “extras”, get in the car and go find your local Dollar Tree.

We have a feeling you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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