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Barbara Walters Rear View Mirror

barbara walters rear view mirror
During an interview in 2013 Barbara Walters, so called Champion of the Truth attempted to silence a young entertainer regarding accusations of sexual abuse in Hollywood.

Looking back into the archives, we came across a very disturbing exchange on the television program, The View between actor Corey Feldman and Barbara Walters.

The incident occurred during an episode from 2013. Corey was a guest on the show and began discussing, albeit bravely, his very personal and painful experiences of sexual abuse at the hand of many male directors, producers, etc., as a child actor in Hollywood. Corey also made sure it was known that this same shameful atrocity happened to many of his same aged peers, like his friend Cory Haim, who tragically lost his life at the age of 39, reportedly due to the guilt, shame and overwhelming emotional scars of hiding his truth, hiding out of fear of retaliation from his adult male abusers.

As Corey Feldman began to talk he said he could name a long and shocking list of individuals who abused not only him, but several other child actors as well.

Barbara Walters response was not just insensitive, it was cold, judgmental, and dismissive. Walters abruptly cut Corey off and told him, on air, “You realize you are ruining an industry.”

Wow, Barbara….is THAT the concern here? Because what that says is that, you, Barbara Walters, journalistic icon and would be “truth seeker” are far more interested in protecting your own professional relationships, deathly afraid that some of your cronies just might be on Corey’s list, and then you would have to do the messy thing…. deal with it…publicly.

Sounds like, in your mind, Barbara, better for Corey Feldman’s life to be ruined by sexual abusers rather than the sick, twisted pedophiliac abusive men STILL running amok in Hollywood.

Barbara, Corey was a CHILD when this took place. Are you then saying that you are OK with acts of pedophilia?

In short, Barbara Walters owes Corey Feldman a public, televised apology, and all the air time he wants, or needs to tell his story, without judgement.

And this tale is every bit as alarming as it was the day Corey Feldman sat down on live TV with Barbara Walters on The View and tried to speak up and speak out in 2013. The Weinsteins’, Spacey’s and Piven’s of Hollywood are NOT what make this story relevant. It’s the innocent, and their innocence lost.

Corey Feldman, and many others just like him need to be heard. In case you weren’t sure, Barbara, there is absolutely no statute on pain. You could give wings to their voices.

Do the right thing Barbara Walters. Do the right and just thing.

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