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Chris Matthews Creep Show

NBC, no stranger to misconduct and controversy, paid $40,000 to a female producer in 1999, due to misconduct by Chris Matthews.
NBC, no stranger to misconduct and controversy, paid $40,000 to a female producer in 1999, due to verbal misconduct by Chris Matthews.

NBC, are you going to fire Chris Matthews as well?

Come on now, people. This isn’t really that big of a stretch.

After all, we’ve had to put up with Chris Matthews, on MSNBC, spewing and spraying his way into our living rooms for well over two decades.

For those who don’t know, MSNBC is the bastard cable child of NBC, where we first became acquainted with the infamous Chris Matthews.

To be fair, many of us were perhaps once a fan of Matthews and his show, “Hardball with Chris Matthews” for many years, but what killed it was the absolute teen aged boy way in which he fell all over himself during Obama’s first Presidential run, and subsequent win. A very bizarre and uncomfortable turn-off, to say the very least.

Do the words “I feel a tingling up my leg” ring a bell for anyone? Cause that’s what Matthews said when Obama was declared the 44th President of our great United States. No other way to describe it…. just plain creepy.

Ditto were his comments about our current first lady, Melania Trump. During a televised debate, Melania Trump was shown walking among the crowd with her husband, then GOP Presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

Apparently, Chris Matthews didn’t realize his mic was on (rule of thumb in broadcasting, never assume the mic is off) as he is heard saying in full creepy tone –

“Did you see her walk? Runway walk. My God is that good”

It appeared that the 70-year-old “Hardball” host wasn’t aware his comments were being broadcast and went on to say –

“I could watch that runway show.”

Honestly Chris. Just flat-out creepy, dude. Bet your wife wasn’t too thrilled with your revelations.

As we have come to learn NBC no stranger to misconduct and controversy, in 1999, with Chris Matthews in their employ, paid $40,000 to a female producer who was working with Matthews, due to what was termed “verbal misconduct”. Maybe Chris liked the way she walked too and decided to tell her all about it.

Chris Matthews is the 9th NBC employee accused of sexual misconduct, with Matt Lauer being the most recent until Matthews.

Suffice it to say, it’s not a new thing, all this “words matter” stuff. Words have ALWAYS mattered and they can prove quite costly, especially when the wrong word goes in the right ear.

During a recent broadcast on his show Hardball,” Chris Matthews made the following statement in response to the fallout from the resignation of Minnesota senator Al Franken

“The worst you can say about Democrats is they’re too pure.”

It’s time for some fresh faces in the world of politic based cable shows, but until some of the old guard is dismissed, we can only say, hey Chris Matthews, creep on creepin’ on.

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