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Citizen Rose Calls Golden Globes Hollywood Fakery

Citizen Rose Calls Golden Globes Hollywood Fakery
Rose McGowan did not receive an invitation to attend this year’s Golden Globes, even though she exposed the sexual misconduct running rampant in Hollywood.

If you happened to tune in to the 75th Golden Globes last Sunday evening, you may have noticed a particular actress absent from the festive landscape, a woman who not only single handedly took down Harvey Weinstein, but who openly exposed the sexual misconduct and harassment epidemic which has been running rampant, and completely unchecked in Hollywood, for decades.

SHE is the face of #MeToo. SHE is the hero. SHE is the fabulous Rose McGowan.

And she was nowhere to be found at the 75th Golden Globe Awards.

Rose McGowan did not receive an invitation to attend this year’s Globes, an annual event sponsored by the Hollywood Foreign Press, who, by all claims stand tall and firm, with any and all, worldwide, facing oppression, of any kind.

But, no love for Rose? Curious, and just WRONG.

It matters not that Rose McGowan may feel the Globes, and its many power brokers, are a bunch of phony’s. She may very well be correct. What DOES matter is that the shot-callers of this event purposely ignored one of the greatest champions of women and girls of our current generation, Ms. Rose McGowan.

Aside from the winners of the evening, this should have been Rose’s night. A night for her to stand before her peers, and those watching at home with their young girls and teens, a night for her to speak her truth, and a night for her to be acknowledged for her absolute bravery and spirit. Meryl Streep could stand to learn a lot, about a lot from Rose McGowan, no doubt.

The theory is as follows.

This year’s Globes was honoring Oprah Winfrey with the Cecil B. Demille award, so, along with the acceptance of the award, there would obviously be an Oprah speech, and with due course, the main narrative of said speech would surely include the importance of the “me too” movement, which would then dovetail into the further importance of equal rights and empowerment for all women and girls.

OK. Of course. These are wonderful, powerful and much needed words, especially from someone like Oprah. But, the powers that be connected to the Golden Globes could not allow Oprah to be up-staged by a speech from Rose McGowan, and make no mistake, on this one occasion, Oprah would have absolutely been up-staged, period.

So, those in charge made a decision to cut their losses, and live to tell. They decided to just not have Rose McGowan there at all. Rookie move.

Oprah Winfrey has been attributed to many positive things, truth seeker, feminist, equal rights advocate and activist, leader and champion for women’s rights all over the globe, master communicator, etc., and all this too, is indeed, wonderful.

But, Oprah Winfrey knew Rose McGowan was not invited to the ceremony (come on, she’s OPRAH… she knew this 2 months ago), same as she knows that Rose is the true hero regarding “me too”, etc.

So, why didn’t Oprah extend her own personal invite to Rose? Ask her to attend as her guest, seated at her table. Again, she’s OPRAH, she could invite whomever she chose. Then, maybe even ask Rose McGowan to join her on stage, as she, Oprah Winfrey accepted her award, and gave her very powerful speech.

By the way, THAT speech…. was Rose’s to give, on that night, at the 75th Golden Globe Awards.

Just imagine the imagery. Oprah Winfrey and Rose McGowan, together onstage at the Golden Globes, both speaking on behalf of “me too”, and for women and girls literally EVERYWHERE! Now, that’s what you call turbo power.

If we are to be honest, as much as we admire Oprah, she has had her fair share of golden moments.
This one belonged to Rose McGowan.

If Oprah does decide to make a run for President in 2020, hopefully she will come to understand that one of the essential hallmarks of solid leadership is to give credit where it is due, and give it with humility and grace, don’t try to claim it falsely as your own. It’s as old as time, lead by example, just as we are hopefully teaching our kids, the future leaders.

So, we say here what should have been said last Sunday night at the 75th Golden Globes…. Thank You, Rose McGowan.
What you went through, and what you did, that took some extreme guts.

You are greatly respected, and admired, all over the world.

Rock On Citizen Rose.

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