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Lisa Bloom No Champion of Women

lisa bloom is no champion of womens rights
A closer look at how Lisa Bloom attempted to silence Rose McGowan about predator Harvey Weinstein.

Poor Lisa Bloom, so misunderstood. All this time she’s been masquerading as a shining light and would be champion to the abused and mistreated women and girls whom she gave legal representation and dare we say support?

Turns out, you, Lisa Bloom, are a champion of nothing and no one except your bank account. Bloom is just another opportunistic mercenary interloper. A charlatan and true bottom feeder hovering over the mental and emotional remains of the women she lured into her trap.

Really Lisa? Offering Rose McGowan 6 million dollars if she would only just shut up about sicko Harvey Weinstein. And from all reported, that’s just the tip of the old corrupt iceberg in terms of the underhanded, dirty tactics Lisa Bloom tried to push on many other victims over the years.

Let’s put it this way, you know it’s got to be bad when your own mother, in this case, women’s activist attorney Gloria Allred, said she would go up against her own daughter, Lisa Bloom, in court to represent those Bloom tried to manipulate sell out.

Lisa Bloom, you, and others like you, are what is wrong with the world today. You have no code. You have no honor. You have no soul.

Stop the charade, you would be better served and probably more respected if you were just honest about your true objectives. Which are; get as much money as humanly possible and truly protecting women be damned. I guess karma, hearts, souls, true women’s rights, protecting women against violent sexual predators just doesn’t appeal to Lisa Bloom at the end of the day.

Of course, Lisa, you would also face being called the pariah of the century, but, what the hell?

You got the money honey. All in a day’s work I guess…

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