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NBC Leads Race to the Bottom

NBC sees a slight increase in viewers while leading the race to the bottom after the firing of Matt Lauer.
NBC sees a slight increase in viewers while leading the race to the bottom after the firing of Matt Lauer.

The trials and tribulations of a major television network are expected. However, with all of the recent news and headlines surrounding allegations of sexual harassment and the firing of big name celebrities, it seemed like a good time to take a look at some of the commonalities these stories share.

One thing that seems to come up in many of these stories is NBC. What did they know and when did they know it? Without clear answers perhaps a look at the network and some of their less than stellar moments in news and entertainment could be of help.

Going way back in time, the quiz show from the 1950’s called Twenty One fell under total scandal when it was discovered that the producers of the show were feeding the answers to a contestant, Charles Van Doren, for ratings.

This scandal made it all the way to Congress with Mr. Van Doren testifying to the rigged protocol and deception. The outcome of the story all but ruined Charles Van Doren’s life.

In recent memory NBC captioned an Amy Winehouse video with “You Know I’m Dead” while reporting on the singers’ tragic death, she was only 27.

NBC gave Today anchor, Ann Curry the boot after only one year, no reason was ever disclosed, and Matt Lauer made her last days on the set a living hell. Other sources reported that Ann Curry was treated horribly by NBC executives, and longtime Today fixture, Al Roker said she was “thrown under the bus”.

Let us also not forget NBC came under fire after allegedly deciding to leak the tape of Trump speaking with Billy Bush, a tape they had in their possession for years. A clear political ploy to try to derail Donald Trump, which as we know, did not work.

By the way, the network fired BIlly Bush for simply having the interview with Trump and for “going along” with some of the lewd comments made, all the while Matt Lauer had a mechanism attached to his office desk that would auto lock his office door when he felt the urge to sexually harass a female co-worker.

And there was Nightly News Anchor Brian Williams who was fired and suspended for lying, repeatedly, on-air and in other interviews about certain catastrophic news events he claimed to either have been involved in, or seen first-hand, none of which were true.

Most recently, the dismissing of journalist Ronin Farrow’s now legendary Harvey Weinstein story as not credible enough, which he then took straight to the New York Times who published it immediately.

The latest firing of Today anchor, Matt Lauer, only happened after years of reported and suspected sexual misconduct, including his “trick desk.”

Also noteworthy were the stories about cancelling popular host Tamron Hall’s show to reportedly make room for Megyn Kelly, who currently enjoys the lowest rated day time talk show of all networks.

Speaking of Kelly, since joining NBC, she is consistently slammed by various interest groups, including GLAAD for her false narratives and non-studied espousals, giving her the lowest rated show of its kind currently on TV.

If the powers at NBC ever find themselves in a head scratching moment, wondering why they have lost all credibility, and ratings are in the dumper, perhaps this brief, yet accurate accounting of their conduct will be of some assistance.

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