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NBC Unequal Pay for Lauer Replacement Hoda Kotb

NBC Unequal Pay for Lauer Replacement Hoda Kotb
With announcement of Hoda Kotb replacing Matt Lauer, NBC finds itself facing accusations of unequal pay for women.

Recent stories relating to past and present problems pertaining to misconduct by NBC employees seem to be conveniently ignored by other major news networks.

However, with the announcement of Hoda Kotb replacing Matt Lauer, the media quickly gave one of their own, NBC, another pass.

It’s beginning to look like NBC is code for NEVER BE CAUGHT.

Kotb will earn $7 million per year, which is not bad. I would gladly take it, if offered.

However, when put into the context of fair and equal pay for women, Hoda Kotb will make about $18 million per year less than disgraced former and yes, male host Matt Lauer.

Nobody, and we do mean NOBODY from the NBC network will discuss any of what has transpired with their fallen and accused employees, and they have been asked, repeatedly.

NBC has apparently decided to adopt a philosophy that is not only unwise, but is also grossly unfair to their loyal viewers. And let’s face it, without consistent loyal viewership, i.e., ratings, there would be no NBC, or any other network for that matter. The viewers control the show, not the reverse.

In the era of gender equality and with gender based wage discrepancy being a common topic, you would think supporters of Kotb would be up in arms.

Some people took to Twitter to express frustration at the salary gap. Others called for a boycott of the morning talk show until the network pays women equally.

None of us can simply do as we please without some type of explanation, or at certain times, even consequence. Such is life. But NBC seems to feel that they are somehow riding above the fray, far and away from what we have come to consider regular standards.

Perhaps it’s a matter of negotiation. Kotb is quickly proving that she can bring the viewers just as Lauer did, so her negotiating position could grow and become a force to be reckoned with. While some will claim until then gender has nothing to do with it. If she brings the numbers she’ll get a better contract. Sounds pretty simple. Unless you work for NBC.

What’s really happening here is that NBC is slowly sinking into the realm of not just the sub-standard, but seemingly no standards at all.

Can they really be so blind, or perhaps, callous as to actually believe that silence, and a “sweep it under the rug” doctrine will not eventually have a seriously negative impact?

History will show otherwise.

It’s pretty simple. People don’t like hearing that their favorite TV anchor, program host or other TV personality they have not only come to know and like, but possibly even TRUST, have suddenly been let go due to some kind of nefarious behavior, all with zero explanation, or discussion.

Because the network, and the people on it, have become a part of their lives.

And the viewers expect more. They deserve more.

So, we are calling on NBC to come out of the shadows, and into the light. Promote fair and equal pay for women.

The more you hide, the more you will have to hide.

NBC, your loyal viewers deserve your very best, even if you find it painful.

You are failing miserably.

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