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Roseanne: Raising the roof with ratings

The re-boot of “Roseanne”, on ABC, is a major success, with over 18 million viewers tuning in for the first show of the new “Roseanne” season.

In case you haven’t heard, Roseanne Barr has done it again… Big League.

The re-boot of “Roseanne”, on ABC, is a major success, with over 18 million viewers tuning in for the first show of the new “Roseanne” season, and those numbers are likely to increase as the popularity of the show continues. Of course, it helps to have all the original cast members on board for the new season, John Goodman returning as husband Dan, resent Oscar nominee, Laurie Metcalf coming back as sister Jackie, and Sara Gilbert as daughter Darlene, this formula still works, and the writing appears to seamlessly pick up right where it left off from the last season in 1998.

Not too many actor/comedians could equal, or surpass the success of a show like “Roseanne”, which dominated the sit-com ratings from 1988 to the mid 90’s. But, then again, most actor/comedians clearly are not one-of-a-kind Roseanne Barr. Barr has always instinctively understood what most of her Hollywood cronies simply just can’t seem to grasp…. there is an entire country between Manhattan and Malibu, and Roseanne plays to that audience, like a pro. These are her people, and she knows it. It would appear she actually holds great admiration for what Hillary refers to as “average Americans”. Roseanne seems to saying that none of us are merely average, we are all just people, trying to earn a living and have the best life we can.

Roseanne Barr has shown great courage of conviction in having her TV character be unapologetic as a Trump supporter, as is Barr in real life. Recently, Barr appeared on Jimmy Kimmel, when he asked her about the premise of the show and her subsequent Trump support, she let out that infamous laugh and said, “well, you liberals went so far left, you just F’d it up for everybody”. Had Kimmel posed those questions to a different guest, it’s possible some fur might have flown. But not even Jimmy Kimmel is going to try to challenge Roseanne Barr. Beyond his pay grade, and he knows it.

Perhaps the over-whelming success of the new “Roseanne” will offer a crossway to more shows like Barr’s, shows that appeal to everyone rather than a select few.

There are rumors that Tim Allen’s show “Last Man Standing” might get a re-boot from FOX, after being unfairly cancelled by NBC in 2016, despite good ratings it was removed from the roster due to the show’s conservative leaning theme. It’s worth noting NBC does not have a good track record with the manner in which they handle their internal decision making. Tim Allen would be much better served at a network such as FOX. Let’s hope he gets his show back, and that the other networks pull their collective heads out, and come to realize, albeit kicking and screaming, that America actually LOVES shows like Roseanne and Tim Allen’s shows, perhaps we will start to see more like them on the major networks.

We applaud you, Roseanne! You have become a loud and powerful voice for many.

Excellent job, much continued success’s

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