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Waiting for the Punchlines at Golden Globes

Kevin Spacey and Jeffrey Tambor Award Winning Actors
Sexual harassment dominated the 2018 Golden Globes Awards with former winners Kevin Spacey and Jeffrey Tambor serving as punchlines.

None of us on the outside know what lurks in the minds of the creators and producers of Netflix series, House of Cards, or the Amazon series, Transparent. All we DO know is that both ground-breaking, multi-award-winning shows (including Golden Globes and Emmy’s for the stars of both series) seem to be, sadly, no more.

This of course is due to the multiple (to put it mildly) sexual harassment claims against House of Cards star, Kevin Spacey, and Transparent star, Jeffery Tambor.

The public outcry railing against the offenses was larger than the shows, larger than their stars or all the awards shows themselves, and apparently, larger than the money. What happened with Harvey Weinstein set the stage for any type of future “oops” misconducts.

And it’s long past due.

It is extremely unfortunate that the horrendous, disgusting and wretched behavior of both Spacey and Tambor came to ruin so much, for so many, including the fans of these shows.

House of Cards became just as much Robin Wright’s show (playing controlling and conniving Claire Underwood with steely prowess) as Spacey’s, who played politician Frank Underwood with evil perfection.

Perhaps the power brokers behind House of Cards will find a way to carry on, if the public (and advertisers) are game.

Robin Wright could easily carry the show, but she would need a male nemesis to toy with. Actors such as Bryan Cranston, Kyle Chandler or Beau Bridges come to mind. But, if this were to happen, House of Cards creator, Beau Willimon, would need to choose someone capable of filling the huge shoes of Kevin Spacey, because whomever it was would have to deliver the same type of slow-burning evil that we came to expect, loathe and love from Spacey. After all, Frank Underwood’s initials are F. U., enough said.

To be clear, we do not, in any way condone Spacey’s (or Jeffery Tambor’s) misconduct or abuse.

That said, Kevin Spacey is a brilliant actor, no question.

Also, no question, he single handedly tanked his own amazing career. Reduced to nothing more than a pointed punchline during the Golden Globes.

And, of course, the same is true for Jeffery Tambor, star of Amazon show Transparent.

An incredible show with a diversely talented cast. Tambor, in spite of the complaints against him, was magnificent as a 60 plus transgender Dad, learning to transition to life as a woman, Maura Pfferman.

Cast member, Judith Light, played Maura’s ex-wife and mother to their three adult children, and she was breathtaking in this role.

Why Ms. Light has not enjoyed a more well-known career is truly baffling. Judith Light could do anything.

Transparent was shown to us with humor, grace, confusion, and pain. And we treasured every story.

It’s possible the show could continue without Tambor as Maura, the rest of the cast is certainly talented enough to carry it forward. But creator and writer, Jill Solloway, hasn’t said much. So, we will have to wait and see.

If Spacey and Tambor are no longer connected to their respective shows, perhaps advertisers might be willing to take a chance and play ball.

As fans of both these phenomenal shows, we sure hope so.

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