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Cooper and Lemon: Towing the crooked CNN line

CNN ratings are down 16 percent in total viewers and 12 percent in the key demo with many viewers choosing to watch other news channels like MSNBC or Fox News…

There was a time, in a faraway land, when CNN was actually a real news outlet, going the distance to report the news and special interest pieces backed by research and fact. Sadly, the cable network is now nothing more than a black shadow of its former self, reduced to shabby tabloid TV status, which is reflected in CNN’s current ratings (or lack of…). CNN is down 16 percent in total viewers and 12 percent in their key demo.

Five years ago, CNN and FOX were the leaders of cable news, often trading the one and two spots respectively, but FOX is, and has been number one now for 3 years running…. because FOX, whether you sometimes agree, or maybe never, with their take, presents and reports the FACTS, allowing viewers to be fully informed, and then quite capably draw their own conclusions. As it should be.

The two leading anchors at CNN, Anderson Cooper, with his prime-time show, AC 360, and Don Lemon’s show, which follows, are both a severe departure from how they presented themselves from even 2 years ago, when there was no Trump to bash. There was a time when both anchors seemed interested in reporting the facts, even if those facts were messy and inconvenient, possibly ruffling the feathers of CNN constituents.

They were willing to roll up their sleeves, maybe get a little bloody in aid of getting to other side of an issue, and. back then, we trusted them to give it to us straight.

Now, both Cooper and Lemon seem to be nothing more than tawdry tabloid TV hosts…. CNN’s carnival barkers.

If you dare to tune in, there is no fair or accurate reporting, nothing being told to us based in fact, just one-sided conservative bashing story after story, after story. Boring.

It appears CNN clearly believes in the Hillary doctrine…. all of us “average Americans” are too ignorant to examine the facts and then decide for ourselves what WE believe is right, and just.

There is virtually no one who could convince CNN that none of us give a damn about Stormy Daniels, a courtesy call from Obama wouldn’t make a dent.

And that is probably more telling than any of it.

Anderson Cooper was, at one time, a respected and trusted news source, seemingly concerned with accuracy, caring to “get it right”, while also displaying genuine compassion. The same is true of Don Lemon, recalling his nightly coverage of the tragic disappearance of Malaysian airliner, MH 370. Lemon was all about the facts, even if much of it was hard to hear and process. Of course, his compassion for all involved was clearly evident.

Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon both still have many years left in front of them in the world of cable news.

Hopefully, some kind of epiphany will help them remember what made them want to become news journalist/anchors in the first place.

The answer SHOULD be simple…. a little thing called TRUTH.

Get back to it, gentlemen.

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