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Joy Reid-iculous – MS-13 much more than Boogeyman

Joy Reid-iculous
Joy Reid, host of “AM Joy” on MSNBC recently made some stunningly uninformed remarks related to the notorious violent gang activity of MS-13.

Joy Reid, host of “AM Joy” on MSNBC recently made some stunningly un-informed remarks related to gang activity following President Trump’s State of the Union address.

Reid apparently does not read. Hmm…

According to her, gangs like the treacherous group, MS-13, who are proven murderers and rapists of many young people, including teen-age girls in numerous states, they are “not an FBI problem, they’re a FOX problem”. WOW. We should no longer be shocked by ignorance, and yet, here it is. Particularly disturbing when considering that Joy Reid is a Harvard graduate.

It would seem that Joy Reid does not consider this savage gang, MS-13, any type of real or credible threat, just something that the FOX network has chosen to be up in arms over. And, something President Trump has declared war on, aggressively combating the gang problem in the United States. And Joy Reid just can’t stand that, because she can’t stand Trump. It’s not complicated, you don’t have to be an ivy league grad to follow along.

President Trump decided to invite two sets of parents, both who’s teen-age daughters had been brutally murdered by

MS13 gang members, to be publicly acknowledged at the State of the Union, so, Joy Reid decided she would make sure her viewers were falsely informed that MS-13 was “not a real problem”.

OK. Word to Joy… MS-13 IS A REAL PROBLEM!!!!

Joy, why don’t YOU tell your viewers what MS-13’s motto is?

“Kill, Rape, Control”. THAT is their motto, Joy.

And this STILL doesn’t sound like a “problem” to you?

Shame on you, Joy. We deserve to know, just where exactly is your humanity?

Joy Reid, you have the awesome responsibility to care enough to report the truth, not simply what fits your politically biased agenda.

MS-13 are a 50k plus member strong gang of savage murderers, rapists, thieves and drug dealers.

MS-13 have caused, and continue to cause unimaginable terror, pain and heartbreak all over the United States, just ask the many parents who have lost their innocent children to these monsters.

It’s estimated that MS-13 has members in at least 40 states. In Northern Virginia and Maryland, once thinning MS-13 ranks, diminished by successful federal prosecutions, have been reconstituted with unaccompanied minors sent to the U.S. by families and gang masters in Central America.

The gang’s calling card has been discovered across the region – shallow graves bearing the remains of youthful victims showing evidence of horrific deaths.

Joy Reid, be an honorable, true American, report the facts, however painful this may be to your personal and political doctrine.

Or, here’s another option… get off the air.

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