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Trump vs. Biden – 2020

Trump versus Biden in 2020. Hard to fathom having this discussion in early 2018, but in the world of politics, it is truly never “too soon”.

Trump vs. Biden – 2020

Hard to fathom having this discussion in early 2018, but in the world of politics it is truly never “too soon”.

Trump versus Biden… this is seriously what could be on tap for 2020.

Of course, if Joe really wants it, the Dems are going to give it to him. Joe Biden’s team and analytic warriors are currently quite the busy bees, testing, re-testing, and then starting all over and testing some more, all in aid of getting a handle on the numbers, in other words… can Joe Biden beat up Donald Trump on the political playground? We have already heard that Old Joe thinks he could take Trump behind the school bleachers and pummel him into submission, likewise, Trump claims that if he and Joe duked it out, Biden would be “running and crying”.

OK, Gentlemen. We’ve got it. You’re both a couple of tough guys, one round with either of you and even the ‘made guys’ in NYC would think twice. Sure. But, what’s really going to matter in this match-up scenario is which one of these “rough and tumbles” truly has the hard as nails political stones.

So far, Trump has accomplished a great deal in a relatively short time frame, hiring, firing and special counsels, notwithstanding. The end of Obamacare, although the finality of that won’t come until 2019, still, he did manage to get that done. The tax bill, getting the wall underway, even though it will be significantly underfunded due to the new budget bill just signed, lowering the boom on China, and making real progress with North Korea in terms of discussions of their nukes. All in all, not too shabby, Trump.

So, the bigger question is, exactly what extraordinary ideas would Joe Biden be offering to America?

If his platform and policies were to stay in lock step with Obama’s out of some notion of misguided loyalty, or lack of any true originality or clear vision, then Biden might very likely be in for a rough ride.

True, states such as Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania, all won by Trump, may have a special place in their hearts for Joe, a local boy, essentially, but the warm and fuzzy alone just won’t cut it. Biden’s going to have to be willing to flash that killer smile, then go bravely outside the Democrat party box and dive into the crux of America’s issues. It would be weak and fool-hearty to simply try to drag Obama’s old strategies back out into the light. Remember, Hillary tried that already. History lesson 101.

And running on Russian collusion, gun control or what potentially did, or did not happen with Stormy Daniels… that’s not going to cut it either.

The larger majority of people genuinely like the tax bill, they are in favor of the border wall, the tariffs placed on China and whoever else is deserving, and most are for the abolishment of sanctuary cities, or states.

If Joe Biden really wants to go for it, then he, and his advisors are going to have to have a real “Come to
Trump” moment in terms of policy because there are factually more Americans who like the country’s current direction, than do not.

So, you are going to have to be some kind of super awesome innovator and visionary, Joe.

You may even have to suck it up and go against the grain of your party’s political doctrine, otherwise, you will never win back the states the Dems lost to Trump. Period. Can the old dog learn the new tricks?

Time will reveal. If you’re up for the fight, Joe, so is Trump. Big League.

Oh, and just one last thing, Joe.

Real men fight battles with sound intellect and progressive ideas that are turned into positive action.

No fists required.

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