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William Devane for California Governor

William Devane for California Governor
Another California actor as the state’s Governor, you say? Why the hell not? When William Devane speaks, people seem to listen.

Yeah, that’s right. You read it correctly.

William Devane for Governor of California.

And why the hell not?

Let’s be real, if Arnold could do it, William Devane could most certainly do it too.

Another California actor as the state’s Governor, you say? Again, why the hell not?

Actor William Devane soared to TV stardom in the mid-80’s night time soap drama “Knots Landing”, playing Greg Sumner, a bit of a scoundrel, sure, but he was great fun to watch, and that character also made a run for the Senate…good beginnings, indeed.

Devane played politics in “The West Wing”, and also did 2 seasons and a movie for “24” with Keifer Sutherland, where he took the role of James Heller, first as Secretary of State and later as President Heller.

And man, was he ever Presidential. The last few we’ve had might want to pull up a chair and take some notes. It was Devane’s role on”24″ that got folks talking about a possible political future for the actor.

He was that convincing.

Though it is not certain just where Devane’s political heart lies, based on interviews and a few select comments, at the very least, he seems to be in the libertarian/centrist camp, if not a moderate conservative.

Lately, we have seen William Devane in TV ads as the spokesperson for the gold investment company, Rosland Capital.

And when Devane speaks, we listen.

Devane has an on-screen delivery that is very hard to ignore, no matter the acting role, or product.

The Rosland ads are super effective, a testimony to Devane’s command.

First, you’ve got Devane on the steps of some type of FED building, discussing the national debt, and subsequently, the virtues of going gold with Rosland Cap, all the while looking most Gubernatorial.

Next, we have him kicking it in his kitchen, having a cup of Joe, talking about how investing in gold gives him peace of mind with his money. And finally, the capper, Devane, in a black leather bomber jacket, standing atop the landing strip of a Navy destroyer, yep, telling us how investing in gold doesn’t get “any more American than that”.

And we are all in, all the way.

If you’ve seen any of these ads, then you can see how William Devane as a real political figure is totally doable.

The guy was practically made for it.

So, what do you say, William Devane? Seriously, this could really be a “thing”.

We won’t, and can’t deny the obvious, Governor Devane, sounds like the most made up TV character name of all time, no doubt…. but, if William Devane really wanted it, he could take it all the way, AND deliver the political goods.

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