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Access Hollywood Tape Over NYC Terror Attack

NBC Runs Access Hollywood Tape Over NYC Terrorist Incident
NBC aired a year old Access Hollywood story over a developing NYC Terror Attack just miles from their offices and in one of the busiest transit hubs in the world.

NBC chose to run their Access Hollywood story this morning, a tape which was leaked by their very own network, over an incident involving a pipe bomb exploding in an underground subway passage between Times Square and the Port Authority Bus Terminal, “one of the busiest transit hubs in the world.”

On Monday in what officials are calling a terrorist attack, Akayed Ullah, a 27-year-old Bangladeshi native, detonated a low tech explosive and was injured in an underground subway passage just 200 feet from the bus terminal.

NBC, which is trying it’s best to change the subject from the firing of their lead anchor of the Today Show Matt Lauer over bombshell sexual harassment allegations.

Partisan does not begin to describe the stance taken by NBC and its’ executives.

By their own words, NBC states “Today is the news program that informs, entertains, inspires and sets the agenda each morning for viewers across America.”

They certainly have an agenda.

The networks Today show viewership have been at an all-time record low. With the recent exception involving the firing of Matt Lauer. I guess scandalous, demeaning behavior of one of their own is the only way to get people to tune in to the network.

Even New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who is dealing with his own FBI investigation into his offices’ hiring practices, called this “one of our worst nightmares.”

While the suspect, originally from Bangladesh, has been in the United States for seven years and has an address in Brooklyn, according to sources. Which is not too far from the NBC studios – the network is running a story involving an audio recording of two men having a private (even if vulgar) conversation.

Please remember, a recording NBS itself leaked to the press. Nice. Does this sound like a fair and ethical network? I don’t think so.

NBC, have your opinion, but please keep people informed of actual events that can physically affect their lives.

I guess the family and friends of those injured in the latest terrorist attack in New York City will have no choice but to get their information about their loved ones from a legitimate news network.

Anyone who lives in New York knows the absolute horror that follows an incident like this. Public transportation all but shuts down. Parents may have difficulty getting to their children. Working folks, such as myself may be severely delayed if not completely unable to get to their place of work.

But NBC doesn’t care about real life events such as these. No, not even a terror attack gets in the way of pushing old news and a tired agenda of partisan propaganda.

Lets’ all change the channel.

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