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Be Suspicious of all White People

Professor Ekow Yankah of Yeshiva University recently wrote in the New York Times to
Professor Ekow Yankah recently wrote in the New York Times Be Suspicious of all White People

Recently, we saw an article by Professor Ekow Yankah from Yeshiva University located in New York. The article, which appeared in the op-ed section of the New York Times is to say the least, controversial. Perhaps by design.

According to Professor Yankah, he has decided to instruct his children to be “suspicious of all white people”. Okay… wait a minute… Uh what!!!!?

Of course, Professor Yankah as been blessed with the right to freedom of speech here in the United States of America. Equally it is his right to hold these ridiculous, antiquated and divisive thoughts. However, if the good professor is hell bent on promoting this polarizing thinking into the minds of his own children (and they actually buy it) then his children could be in for some tough times as they grow up, go off to college and eventually venture out into the world and workplace. A multi-colored world to be more specific. People of all colors, including white.

I wonder if Rabbi Dr. Ari Berman, the current sitting President of Yeshiva University would agree with the opinions of Professor Ekow Yankah?

Ari Berman - Yeshiva University President
Ari Berman – Yeshiva University President

Granted, Professor Yankah could probably assist his children in attending one of the all African American colleges in the U.S., but then what? Unless he is sure he can guarantee his kids that they will end up in a similar professorial capacity at one of these learning institutions, then it’s into the melting pot working world they will go, surrounded by all kinds of people, yes, Professor Yankah, even whites… how unsavory.

Perhaps this professor has a list of only African American employers, worldwide… love to see it.

The professor believes he is protecting his children, and clearly, this is his to believe. Most parents inherently want to protect their kids, and that’s a good and natural response. But whatever happened to giving all people a fair shake, regardless of race, religion or economic background?

Perhaps Professor Yankah might consider teaching his kids that not all white people are, you know, the devil incarnates, just as he is surely hopeful that there are not ignorant, backward white parents teaching their children the reverse about people of other races, etc., of course, sadly, we know that there are, so how does Professor Yankah’s opinions strive to make any of this better?

This line of thinking will not help any child grow or prepare for the world in front of them, it is, utterly crippling.

And shame on The New York Times for running Professor Yankah’s op-ed, reflective or not of the paper’s opinions, a bottom feeder move all just to get a few cheap clicks.

These types of narrow minded, hateful, divisive and racist toned opinion pieces won’t save your paper.

A failure, indeed.

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