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Beholden to the Democratic Party ‘establishment’

U.S. Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri claims she’s not beholden to the Democratic Party “establishment” but past performance shows another side.

U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., claims she’s not beholden to the Democratic Party “establishment.” But the second-term incumbent — who’s seeking a third term later this year — will mingle with plenty of the establishment at her Beverly Hills fundraiser in May.

Topping the guest list: former President Barack Obama.

McCaskill faces a tough battle in November in a state that President Donald Trump carried by nearly 19 points in 2016. Her Republican opponent is Missouri state Attorney General Josh Hawley, whose new ad calls out “hypocrite” McCaskill for hobnobbing in Hollywood.

In addition to Obama, McCaskill’s May 6 event will feature filmmaker Steven Spielberg, movie studio executive Jeffrey Katzenberg and other Los Angeles-area stars, Politico reported. It will be Obama’s first post-presidential fundraiser for an individual candidate.

Hawley’s ad features clips of the incumbent Missouri senator saying “I fought the establishment almost every step of the way in my career,” and “I could care less what the national party thinks.”

But, as the ad claims, “McCaskill is the top recipient from lobbyists and lawyers in all of Congress.” The ad concludes with a dire message against the Democrat: “Fighting … all the way to Beverly Hills. Hypocrite Claire McCaskill.”

Republicans have pointed out that Missouri never voted for Obama and the deep-red state may not be too keen on a Hollywood-bankrolled campaign.

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