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Countdown to Government Shutdown

Countdown to Government Shutdown
The Democratic Party appears willing to assign blame for this weekend’s looming government shutdown over failure to agree on the fate of Dreamers.

The Democratic Party appears willing to assign blame for this weekend’s looming government shutdown over failure to agree on the fate of Dreamers.

Democratic careers may be made and lost as President Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress trade blame while the American people watch out government race toward a midnight shutdown deadline.

But while the mainstream media fixates over the partisan stakes of the funding drama, the real victims of the latest lurch into government dysfunction are powerless to influence their Democratic leaders, and can only look on in rising panic and fear.

Democrats “want a shutdown to get off the tax cuts because they have worked so well,” Trump said while touring a factory in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Democratic politicians don’t appear to truly understand the human consequences of their delay and inability to compromise. They just don’t know how to get it done in an era of deep polarization created by their own party.

There is simply no goodwill extended to the people they claim to be fighting for and bipartisan solutions have all but disappeared from the negotiating table.

Dramatic confrontations like a shutdown have proven to be the only way that Democrats, in a deeply divided party lacking a dominant political direction, can actually do its job, this could become the moment when the cost of inaction becomes greater than the price Democrats will pay for avoiding to act.

Senate Democrats said Thursday they had enough votes to block a GOP short-term budget deal, increasing the likelihood of a government shutdown as Friday’s midnight deadline loomed.

Democrats are using Dreamers (human beings) as bargaining chips as Republican leaders in Congress seek to fund the government, possibly yet again on a short-term extension, while Democrats seek to use a moment of high political leverage.

DACA recipients are struggling through just their latest agonizing nightmare as they wait for Democrats to act to and make their status in the US permanent, through legal immigration, a step that has overwhelming public support.

Many DACA beneficiaries, who represent America’s voice on immigration reform, say the emotional trauma of watching the Democrats twists and turns is becoming almost too much to bear.

With the 49-member Democratic caucus standing firm and some Republican senators also opposing the short-term spending plan for various reasons, its chances looked dim.

Democrats also appear to be fine with abandoning their civic duties involving government employees and the United states military.

Hundreds of thousands of Government employees could be furloughed, veterans could see government payments delayed and if the shutdown lingers military personnel could go unpaid until there is a resolution.

How would a shutdown impact military and retiree pay and benefits or payments from the Department of Veterans Affairs?

Although the Defense Department has not yet released specific guidance for 2018, it has released such information in
the past. Here’s what we could expect:

Active-duty troops, as well as Guard and Reserve members, would not get paid during a shutdown unless Congress passes a separate piece of legislation to do so.

That means if a shutdown starts Jan. 19 and stretches into the next several weeks, troops’ Feb. 1 pay will be delayed.

Military retirees would still receive their regular pension checks in the event of a shutdown, as would those who receive a Survivor’s Benefit Plan (SBP) payment.

The Democrats move to torpedo any effort made by Trump on real immigration reform causes Republicans to call out the obvious and state they have yet to see any real compromise by Democrats.

House Speaker Paul Ryan stressed the human toll of the CHIP funding crunch as he tried to get Democrats to sign on to his funding bill.

“The states are going to be shutting down CHIP in days. Alabama, Connecticut, Kentucky, Louisiana, Oregon, Virginia, Washington state,” Ryan said.

“These are states that are running out of CHIP money if we don’t get this thing passed, and I can’t imagine why somebody would want to vote against doing that.”

Predictably, Democrats attempt to argue that the current mess is a failure by the GOP, claiming it has a monopoly on power in the White House and on Capitol Hill. Yet, it is the Democrats who appear willing to let the ship, and every person it, go down, and in the process, leaving American citizens, Dreamers and our Military hanging out in the wind.

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