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DNC Knee Deep in the Hoopla

robby mook dnc scandal
Donna Brazile has placed The DNC knee deep in the hoopla with scandalous accusations surrounding Hillary Clinton and Robby Mook rigging the election.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, it could now be a case of waist deep, possibly even encroaching on neck deep….eee gads, given all the recent negative narratives they find themselves embroiled in.

First, and perhaps most egregious, is the undisputed proof that the Hillary Clinton campaign of 2016, “Stronger Together”, etc., not only funded the completely false Trump dossier, you know, the one, that when asked, neither Hillary nor her closest aids, not even the people running her show, like Robby Mook claim to have any knowledge base about…. uh, yeah, right. Ditto for the former chair of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, guess we will see if ignorance truly turns out to be bliss given the legalities they could all be facing. Could this be a “hand in the cookie jar” moment? You bet your life, and then some. Of course, they knew, and they ALL knew everything, all the time, from the jump. Just like they all knew that the Democratic Presidential race was rigged for Hillary, since she bought it outright, essentially.

What a travesty. And now that Donna Brazile, former interim chair of the DNC has called them all out with the unbelievable details of her new book, “Hacks”, instead of coming clean, offering their supporters a water shed moment, and themselves a chance to cleanse, they decided to stay in the mud, roll around it, then throw it smack in the face of one of their most loyal, intelligent, fiercely dedicated lieutenants, Donna Brazile. So, not surprising we see many democratic pundits, journalists and cable TV anchors fumbling to cast a shadow on Miss Brazile, even suggesting that she may be a “kook”, or “misguided”, or maybe even just a flat out “liar”. This attempt to discredit her is lame, and beyond weak.

donna brazile dnc scandal
Donna Brazile has placed The DNC knee deep in the hoopla with scandalous accusations surrounding Hillary Clinton and Robby Mook riggin the election.

If nothing in politics is a sure bet, this is…Donna Brazile ain’t no dummy.

Donna Brazile is not a kook. Donna Brazile is not misguided. She carefully, and methodically, examined the documented facts she had in front of her and she made a decision, a decision to try to be a part of the solution and change inside a sweeping and festering problem of corruption in the political world, regardless of party affiliation, Republicans should take note. Donna Brazile held to her conscience and exposed Hillary Clinton for the ego-maniacal, utterly self-serving, opportunistic bully that she truly is.

The Clinton campaign AND the DNC didn’t just throw Donna Brazile under the bus, it was a turbo hurl, and she did what came naturally, she fought back, thank God.

hillary clinton dnc scandal
Hillary Clinton dealing with yet another scandal after Donna Brazile claims Hillary rigged the Democratic primaries a year before they actually took place.

So, just like the classic Jefferson Starship song says, “we’re knee deep in the hoopla”, make no mistake, the uncomfortable lens under which the Dems currently find themselves, well, Hillary Clinton and the DNC…they “built this city”.

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