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Elizabeth Warren Too Big To Fail

As future comic book hero Elizabeth Warren lets loose on Trump and Monsanto, we follow the arrow leading to some interesting facts and predictions regarding the Senator from Massachusetts.
As future comic book hero Elizabeth Warren lets loose on Trump and Monsanto, we follow the arrow leading to some interesting facts and predictions regarding the Senator from Massachusetts.

Well, friends, 2018 is almost upon us, and with the new year should come some interesting, yet not so surprising twists in the arena of Democrat politics. Exactly who will throw their respective hats, or tiaras into the ring to become the Dem’s nominee for the 2020 Presidential election should not be too surprising.

If you’ve been paying even the slightest bit of attention to the news then you have probably already heard a few names being bandied about as potential contenders including Kamala Harris (Senator from California), Corey Booker (Senator from New Jersey) and Congressman Keith Ellison from Minnesota.

Even Joe Biden’s name has been floated out there for the truly nostalgic. BUT, the two who just might make the whole thing a down and dirty, name calling, full-on mudslinging, female world of wrestling, cat fight event may be Kirsten Gillibrand and Elizabeth Warren. Oh, yeah, baby.

Of course, as we speak, both Senators, Gillibrand from New York, and Warren from Massachusetts are quite busy posing as fierce allies in the “war against Trump”, and essentially ANYTHING GOP. As expected, both supporting the others so- called news worthy opinions and comments, tweets, etc., all with a general “girl power” vibe, largely for the benefit of the media. CNN and MSNBC to be exact.

But the prediction here is that all the “sister love” will take a dramatic nose dive into the political gutter when these two ladies declare their respective bids to be the 2020 Democratic nominee for President.

And, make no mistake, they WILL declare. Boldly, loudly, proudly, almost as if this has never been done before. Surely, Hillary Clinton will be lurking in the dark shadows to remind them otherwise.

First, we have Senator Gillibrand. Upon closer examination, she is giving the political appearance of being just a younger version of Hillary Clinton, she even holds the same senate seat that was HC’s before she was appointed Secretary of State by then President Obama.

Gillibrand has been very cozy with the Clinton’s for years, campaigning for both, supporting and praising good old Bill, despite his proven sexual misconducts, plural.

Of course, recently, all this changed amongst the avalanche of allegations against many prominent men in Gillibrand’s own party, and also big Democratic donor Harvey Weinstein, with whom Senator Gillibrand was quite friendly and accepted campaign donations from many times.

Now, according to Senator Gillibrand, good old Bill Clinton is suddenly the scum of the earth.

Excuse us, Ms. Gillibrand, but why NOW? Oh! We get it, because it is now politically expedient for you to finally throw old Bill under the pervert bus. Wow, opportunism is truly the mother of invention.

And, then we have the distinguished Senator Elizabeth Warren. Oh, how you do make us dizzy, Miss Lizzy.

If you have ever listened to a speech given by Senator Warren then you know, we’re not kidding.

The contradictions of her own convictions given in just one ten-minute rant is akin to listening to a 15-year-old lamely try to explain why the homework and chores have not been done. And for those with kids you know there is virtually no truer spin than that.

But, unlike Gillibrand, Senator Warren has not always been warm and fuzzy with the Clintons. In fact, she and Hillary met several times during HC’s campaign to secure the 2016 Dem nomination, as Warren was slow to be convinced Hillary was “the one.” If you recall, Senator Warren had publicly sung the praises of Bernie Sanders early on.

Where she and Senator Gillibrand do find some common ground is in their total dismissal of acknowledging any of Bill Clinton’s predatorial behaviors. That is, until now.

The real and true heavy lifting has already been done for them by all of the brave women who decided to stand up and tell their stories of unbelievable sexual misconduct and harassment by some of Warren and Gillibrand’s male colleagues. Pretty weak. But, you two keep on trying to sell us your “women first” agenda. Needless to say, the whole pitch needs a lot of work.

Stay tuned my friends, if you can stomach it, because once Warren and Gillibrand declare their 2020 intentions “Game of Thrones” will suddenly take on a very different meaning.

Who knows, perhaps one of them will even offer Hillary the VP seat.

Better than nothing.

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