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Hillary Clinton – Here’s What Happened

In her book, What Happened, Hillary Clinton writes about her experiences as the Democratic Party nominee for President while taking aim at others for her loss.
In her book, What Happened, Hillary Clinton writes about her experiences as the Democratic Party nominee for President while taking aim at others for her loss.

In her seventh book, titled What Happened, Hillary Clinton writes about her experiences as the Democratic Party nominee for President of the United States.

Clinton certainly has the right to offer her own take on the election and does so with 512 pages of personal opinion and what at times can only be described as blame-evasion disguised as self-reflection.

At times is reads as though she may have once considered calling the book, “Don’t Blame Me.”

Instead, lets’ blame James Comey, Putin, Mitch McConnell, Bernie Sanders, Green Party candidate Jill Stein, coal miners and the whole “basket of deplorables”.

Maybe a better title would have been “Here’s What Happened”. A simple, easy to read, right to the point, almost Sesame Street type book with bullet points capturing, without personal opinion or blame, what led to her monumental defeat.

Maybe it would read something like this;

Chapter 1. All Roads Lead to Hillary.

It was her name on the ballot. She is the sole individual who had the power to change, but chose to go with the flow of career politician. The former two-term First Lady of the United States, New York Senator, 2008 Democratic Presidential Candidate and Secretary of State under former President Obama, admitted she had difficulties relating to average Americans. Not a good comment when you are seeking votes to become President, for all Americans, right?

Chapter 2. Bill Clinton – Former Two-Term U.S. President and Husband.

Made some not exactly supportive (but fair) comments that played against his wife during her 2016 campaign, including questioning the value of Obamacare and Millennials feeling disenfranchised. Did not go over well for Hillary as she was touting all of the great Obama policies.

Chapter 3. The Media and the Lost Art of the Soft-Sell.

Most major news outlets made it clear they believe Americans are stupid and will believe anything reported. After almost two years of relentless, military style pro Hillary Clinton bias propaganda, the public ultimately would have voted for anyone other than Hillary Clinton. Overkill.

Chapter 4. Robby Mook – Campaign Manager for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Living proof, a college degree does not guarantee real world strategic thinking skills.

Chapter 5. Barack Obama – Sitting U.S. President during the 2016 Presidential Election.

Went out on behalf of Hillary Clinton and insulted at least half of the country by telling men if they don’t vote for Hillary they may be sexist. It also didn’t help that he said that Hillary Clinton would “say anything and do nothing” and that she was not qualified for the presidency in 2008.

Chapter 6. The DNC – Lost and Without a Message.

Chapter 7. John Podesta – Chairman of the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.

Russia and all that goes with it. History will show when all the of the dust settles, Podesta’s connections to Russia will outweigh anything in a privately funded dossier.

Chapter 8. Debbie Wasserman Schultz – Crooked.

Chairperson for the Democratic National Committee (May 4, 2011 – July 28, 2016). Emails made public suggested that DNC staffers and Wasserman Schultz herself had acted inappropriately when criticizing the Bernie Sanders campaign. It took a phone call from then President Obama to get her to resign.

Chapter 9. Hillary Clinton – 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate

Career politician, flip flopped on social and economic issues while appearing completely out of touch with the issues that matter to Americans the most, like jobs.

Chapter 10. Donald Trump – 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate

Campaigned using the slogan “Make America Great Again”. How can you compete against a slogan like that if you are running for the President of the United States? (Bill Clinton used it himself with great success.) Winning.

In Hillarys’ book, I would have actually liked to know more about her interest in yoga and her favorite brands of Chardonnay. The types of things that remind us she is human, just like the rest of us.

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  • Donna Kent

    I absolutely feel that a person must be blind if they can’t understand, by now, “What Happened?” What happened is that AMERICA woke up, despite all the attempts to keep us asleep; flouridated water, chemtrailed skys, GMO foods, etc..etc,,

  • Keri Jennings

    We should all learn from our mistakes, agreed. But when a persons’ mistakes lead to people dying, maybe that person needs to fade into the background for a long long time. Hillary Clinton, professional politician, amateur human being.

  • Gloire Mvoula

    I don’t know why people blame Hillary. we all make mistake in our life and the mistakes we make help us to grow and be a better person in the future. Her book are some of her stories or experiences she has been through. Therefore I don’t really see the bad thing of doing so

  • Christine Wenger

    I’m tired of Hillary Clinton playing the blame-game when she has no one to blame but herself. Her own political achievements are negligible, and she had no clear campaign message. I would only read this book if I needed a good laugh.

  • Rich Day

    I don’t understand why she wrote this…other than to make money. Everyone knows why she lost. She was a plasticized candidate that didn’t appeal to anyone! Trump had a simple campaign premise. That’s why he won.

  • Zack H

    I will try to put a positive spin on this. The silver lining to the cloud that is Hillary Clinton is that we, the American voter, have an opportunity to learn from our mistakes. The mistakes we make of believing career politicians like her.

    So thank you Hillary. That you for setting a bad example we can all learn from. You are serving your country well.

  • Marshia

    For different reasons, Roy Moore and Hillary Clinton just need to go away at this point. They have both made public spectacles of themselves that have hurt their images to the poiint where no one with a brain is going to take them seriosly anymore. I have no desire to read that book.

    • Autumn

      I completely agree. I don’t know why they can’t just accept defeat. What they say now isn’t helping them or their image. They just need to stop talking about “what should have been”.

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