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Hillary Clinton Unpresidential

A closer look at Hillary Clintons very unpresidential behavior.
A closer look at Hillary Clintons very unpresidential behavior.

OK, so here is just one poignant example why women were not in the tank for Hillary in the 2016 Presidential Election. See, it’s not because women do not respect ourselves, which in case you haven’t noticed… is the new mantra the Democrats are pushing this week. If you are a woman and you did not vote for Hillary Clinton there must be something wrong with you and your values.

To the reality of sweet contradiction and common sense… it is because we do respect ourselves and even more importantly, we love and respect our children and the children of our friends and neighbors. We do this without judgement or prejudice.

This tale of reverse sexism might seem like ancient history but it’s very core goes directly to the untrustworthiness of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party in general.

Any woman who would lie about being caught in a hail of bullets while on the tarmac in Kosovo with her own daughter seated beside her is no champion of women or of anyone for that matter. It seems Hillary Clinton does not know the difference between a terrorist attack or a group of women who are truly looking for a sign of hope.

A hail of flowers being thrown on a motorcade by the young women of Kosovo, young and innocent women who were being raped, tortured and even killed deserved the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps Hillary Clinton forgot about all of the armed Secret Service surrounding her…

Women or any individual who views everything and everyone around them as a threat should never be allowed to run for office of any kind… anywhere. Much less as the democratic candidate for the President of the United States. Just one more example why Hillary Clinton and the Democrats couldn’t make the sale to the people of America.

Shame be yours Hillary Clinton.

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