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Jill Stein Latest Act in Mueller Russia Circus

Jill Stein appears to be the latest act in what some call Robert Muellers' Russia circus as the Senate Intelligence Committee asks for documents from Stein.
Jill Stein appears to be the latest act in what some call Robert Muellers’ Russia circus as the Senate Intelligence Committee asks for documents from Stein.

The Senate intelligence committee has asked for documents from Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein as part of its probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Robert Mueller is continuing his Big Top carnival of souls’ roadshow even though most Americans are wondering when, if ever, Mueller will get to the main attraction, Hillary Clinton.

According to reports, Stein, the environmentalist, advocate of better relations with Russia, is being investigated as she appears to be viewed by some as a Kremlin favorite (whatever that means…) ever since her first run as the Green Party’s presidential candidate in 2012.

Another reason appears to be that Stein has regularly appeared on Russian state-owned television and sat across from Russian President Vladimir Putin at a 2015 dinner.

Is that all is takes to get dragged into Muellers’ Big Top tent of collusion?

If so, Hillary Clinton must be the marquee high flying act we are all eagerly waiting to see.

On its’ face, this looks like nothing more than Mueller and his team of acrobatics attempting to once again divert the public from the obvious.

And that is, no one individual and politician in recent memory has had more known contact with Russia then former secretary of state, John Podesta led presidential campaign hopeful and Russian reset architect, Hillary Clinton.

Hillary appears to have chosen individuals who know Russian well.

The Podesta Group was a lobbying firm based in Washington, D.C. It was founded in 1988 by brothers John Podesta and Tony Podesta. They represented (as of 2016) the interests of Russia’s largest financial institution, Sberbank of Russia, which controls approximately 30 percent of Russian banking assets according to finance analysts.

However, it appears these points of interest do not matter when it comes to avoiding the hard truth. Hillary Clinton lost because of Hillary Clinton.

There must be another explanation for her devastating loss. Oh, how about Jill Stein?

Some so-called journalists are even publicly commenting Stein played a role in denying the presidency to Hillary Clinton. But as you would expect, they offer absolutely no, zero proof.

Even former U.S. ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, said that Stein “most certainly influenced the outcome of (the 2016) election.

What? Are they serious?

Unfortunately, they are.

McFaul went on to say, “RT (Russian television) has promoted and often exaggerated the importance of third party political leaders and fringe social movements in the United States with the aim of exacerbating social tensions in the United States.”

Wow. I guess we are not the land of the free. Evidently, if you do not think like other majority politicians, you are part of “fringe social movement.”

Only time (and perhaps the truth) will tell if Jill Stein was involved in any collusion with Russia but, I am going to say it here, I doubt it.

Maybe next years’ Mueller circus will finally get to the main attraction. Lets’ hope, for the sake of our country it happens.

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