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McCabe launches legal defense fund

Former FBI deputy McCabe launches legal defense fund in wake of firing.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who was fired by the Trump administration but says he was terminated because he is a crucial witness in the Russia investigation, is raising funds to help cover costs defending against other ongoing government probes, according to a copy of a draft website seen by Reuters.

The GoFundMe Web page unveiled on Thursday, which seeks to raise $150,000 from members of the public, represents an escalation of the battle between McCabe and the administration over his firing amid heavy criticism by President Donald Trump.

It also raises the prospect that McCabe could legally challenge his termination in the future.

The page features a photo of McCabe alongside his wife, two children and the family dog, Jeremiah.

On March 16, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced he was terminating McCabe after the Justice Department’s inspector general concluded that the Federal Bureau of Investigation veteran leaked information to the press and misled investigators about his actions.

The report used as the basis for the firing has still not been made public. Following McCabe’s termination, Trump took to Twitter, where he declared it was a “great day for Democracy.”

McCabe’s dismissal came less than two days before his 50th birthday, when he would have been eligible to retire from the Federal Bureau of Investigation with his full pension.

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