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Meet the Gropers

Meet the Gropers – The Modern-Day D.C. Family
Meet the Gropers. The modern-day D.C. family. Which side of the political isle you sit on matters not. A look inside who’s been behaving badly in Washington D.C..

Meet the Gropers – The Modern-Day D.C. Family

Hey Roy Moore, Al Franken, Anthony Weiner, Charlie Rose and all the other gropers, users and abusers out there (more news coming in daily…). Heads up, because it looks like the world’s gunning for you. Big league.

Which side of the political isle you sit on no longer matters. Any politician, corporate CEO, actor, director, producer, basically anyone who has ever done anything to anybody, better have yourselves a beyond sobering moment and take a long, possibly dark and twisted journey back into your deviant past and, if in your grand epiphany you discover you actually did do something unwanted or untoward, you best get out in front of it and come clean with your accusers and the public. We are all witnessing in real time what happens if you don’t.

The media will see to it that not you are not only deep fried, but refried and retried in the court of public opinion, beyond all recognition, even if nothing has been or can be proven. Welcome to the world you created.

The Harvey Weinstein meltdown has set the stage for all future (and past) discovered misconduct. Whether true, false or even provable. Just the mere mention of bad behavior will ensure that your show, in whatever public arena it may be, will be cancelled without hesitation.

Unfortunately, when Bill Clinton was out there free wheelin’ with all of his grotesque misdeeds, the feminists in sway, including his wife and Gloria Steinem, all stood up for him, largely because Bill was prochoice. What’s a little groping and sexual assault as long as we get our political agenda pushed through.

Heed the messenger gropers. The good old days of dope and grope (i.e., Bill Cosby), use and abuse, lie and deny, those days are now and forever, finally over.

If you are a person accused of unwanted sexual advances, there will be no refuge. There will be no shelter. There will be no sanctuary. You are circling the drain at the bottom of the swamp.


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