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Michelle Obama Double Talk

michelle obama double talk
Speaking at the Obama Summit Foundation, Michelle Obama made a statement inferring that men and young boys were self-righteous and entitled, and that women were somehow responsible for this behavior.

What on earth is Michelle Obama saying?

Recently, speaking at the Obama Summit Foundation, Mrs. Obama made a statement that inferred that men and young boys were self-righteous and entitled. And that women were somehow responsible for this behavior.

Apparently, our former First Lady, even with all of her wisdom and grace (meant with sincerity) is losing sight of what is right in front of her. Does Michelle Obama have blinders on? Surely, she can see that there are, sadly, young women and girls behaving in exactly the same way, spoiled, entitled, eye-rolling little brats, and yes, of course, there are young men and boys in this camp too. But that makes this a genderless dilemma, an equal opportunity problem of our younger generation and our children.

What Mrs. Obama is describing goes directly to parenting, or rather the lack thereof.

Not all young people and kids are rude and disengaged, and that is a credit and testimony to their parents, grandparents and probably some really stellar teachers, who do still exist in this country.

But the kids and young adults who are rude and have what appears to be an “whatever man” outlook, that behavior is every part due to their upbringing as well. Perhaps Michelle Obama might consider giving a speech on respect, the value of a solid work ethic, and just kind of generally giving a damn. It’s a talking point that would resonate, especially coming from her, an effective and eloquent speaker, every part her husband’s equal.

Here’s something on which Michelle Obama would probably agree, and something she probably would encourage kids and young people to know…. if you don’t show interest in others, do not expect anything different in return.

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