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The Argentine Ant Philosophy and D.C. Term Limits

The Argentine Ant Philosophy and DC Term Limits
At first blush, it may not sound like it, but there is a direct link between Argentine Ants and the immediate need for term limits at the local, state and federal levels…

At first blush, it may not sound like it, but there is a direct link between Argentine Ants and the immediate need for term limits in our State Capital.

For those who may not be in the know about the ant world, there are literally hundreds of different species worldwide, and they all share a common thread, they will attack and then attempt to kill any other ant species that threatens or invades their colony.

All except their own kind.

Think of them as the “one love” ant variety, the “can’t we all just get along” class of ant.

When Argentine Ants encounter a different group of ants, they offer to join forces, thus creating a super colony. Or in political terms, a Super Pac.

This act of survival is not vastly different than the hundreds of congress people, state representatives and Senators that have made politics a life career. Even more noteworthy, a career that allows an unchecked amount of power and influence.

It is not a matter of party affiliation, despite the almost catastrophic disdain each party has for the other, make no mistake, they will join forces in a heartbeat to defeat any single entity or national movement that dared to threaten their gravy train, i.e., their mostly cushy jobs.

You know, the jobs that we, the people, gave them, via the electoral process. Safe to say, without the clout, they ain’t got much. Goodbye perks. Goodbye personal driver, personal shopper, assistant. No more special interests for you guys, the women too, to stick your nose and hands in.

Smile, wave, fade to black.

We need term limits, period.

It’s a step in the right direction of relieving the “D.C. constipation”, no ex-lax required.

Term limits in the United States date back to the American Revolution.

Keep it simple, the house of representatives’ election interval can stay as is, two-year increments, with no one person serving for more than 10 years. The Congress and Senate, every 4 years, just like the Presidency. Also, like the Presidency, not to exceed 8 years total for any one individual. After that, YOUR’E DONE!

And hopefully those of you who were fortunate enough to be elected, by the people, the tax payers who pay your fairly generous salaries, will have done SOMETHING during your time in office.

Without term limits, most of those elected to the hill are just crawling around, and over each other, doing what appears to be, a lot of nothing. May as well be an ant, they really serve no purpose either.

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