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Turns out Democrats are Deplorables too

Turns out Democrats are Deplorables too
According to former Congressman, Baron Hill, Democrat form Indiana, turns out a rather large part of the registered Democrats through-out middle America, well they just may be “deplorables” too.

According to former Congressman, Baron Hill, Democrat form Indiana, turns out a rather large part of the registered Democrats through-out middle America, well they just may be “deplorables” too.

What Congressman Hill is describing is Hillary Clinton’s notion, not his, is that only “deplorables” would vote for Donald Trump, so, in essence, not only was she insulting the millions of Americans who tend to vote Republican, but also the millions of Americans who considered themselves Democrats, and who made a decision to vote for Donald Trump, because they decided that Trump was a better choice for them, for their families, for their lives and futures.

Clinton’s real meaning behind the “deplorable’s” comment was that, in her elitist opinion, only an uneducated, uninformed bumbling moron would actually CHOOSE to vote for Trump. At least there is finally no more mystery regarding Hillary’s thoughts of once registered Democrats.

And she wonders why she lost.

But, Congressman Hill seems to get it.

Can we get an amen?

Congressman Hill seems to get that despite a slightly improved economy, a lot of folks are still struggling, and that times have been, and are still hard, for Democrats too.

He seems to be aware that not all Dems are living a cool, swanky, hipster, urban lifestyle in cities like Chicago, or L.A., or New York. Some Democrats are farmers from places like Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, some are small business owners from small towns across the nation, just trying to stay afloat, and some are like a lot of Americans, party affiliation notwithstanding, working two and three part-time jobs to get the mortgage paid, and feed their kids. Yes, some Democrats actually live, work and breathe in what we refer to as “middle America”, and some of them even love where they are from, where they live, and would never even think of LEAVING! Hillary, we KNOW you are shocked, and amazed.

If the DNC had any real moxy, they should consider taking a long, hard look at someone like Congressman Hill as a potential Presidential candidate for 2020. Surely, the good Congressman could be coaxed out of retirement for an opportunity such as this. Because, unfortunately, outside of Joe Biden, the cast of characters looking to get the Dem’s nod to run in 2020 against Trump, well, let’s just say, it’s pretty bleak.

Something like the mid-western topography in winter.

Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand… same old tired moves to the same old tired tune. They do not “get it”.

Kamala Harris, Senator from California… No. The rest of the country, fortunately, is not California. She also does not “get it”.

And what about Oprah? Well, it’s hard to say for sure, but it is somewhat doubtful that Oprah Winfrey would be able to truly relate to the out of work steel and mill workers, or coal miners, etc., the backbone of our great country. On its face, it just does not feel like this is her wheelhouse.

After all, is she’s having gallons, upon literally, thousands of gallons of water privately brought in to saturate the grounds of her Santa Barbara estate, while all other residents are strictly obeying the imposed water restrictions due to the drought conditions, then it might be hard to imagine Oprah truly grasping the struggles of “average Americans”. By the way, can we please kill that phrase? There is nothing “average “about any of us, we are all unique individuals trying to make our way.

So, unless the Dem’s are actively seeking another unbelievably, totally avoidable, embarrassing loss, another WTF moment in time, then the DNC might want to get super real, super quick, about just what their real choices are for their Presidential candidate in 2020. Here’s a friendly ex- Dem tip, start looking outside the current box of stale old crackers.

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