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Who Really Tried to Steele the Election

Senators have referred Christopher Steele to DOJ for investigation
According to reports the Senate Judiciary Republicans refer dossier author Chris Steele to the Department of Justice for criminal investigation.

Senators Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham have referred Christopher Steele to The Justice Department for investigation after information reviewed by committee investigators revealed significant inconsistencies in statements provided to authorities.

The Trump – Russia dossier, was originally referred to by many in the media as the Steele Dossier early on since it was written by Christopher Steele.

Steele, a British intelligence officer and founding director of a London-based private intelligence firm, was born in Aden, Federation of South Arabia.

Recruited by MI6 directly following his graduation from Cambridge, Steele worked in London at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and as an MI6 agent in Moscow.

In 2015, the services Fusion GPS, a private Washington D.C. political research firm, was retained by the Washington Free Beacon, to research primary Republican Party candidates and was stopped once Trump became the presidential nominee for the Republican party.

The Hillary Clinton Campaign and the Democratic National Committee hired Fusion GPS, who then turned around and hired Christopher Steele to investigate Trump.

According to reports, sometime in July of 2016, Steele, took it upon himself to provide a report he had written to an FBI agent. His contact at the FBI was the same senior agent whom he had worked with on other non-related investigations.

Steele, after concluding the material was a matter of national security and handed it off to the FBI. As we have now come to learn, the FBI has yet to confirm if they themselves did any investigating of their own to prove or disprove the accuracy of the information contained within the dossier.

Allegedly, Steele continued to work for Fusion GPS on the Russian dossier without being paid and without client request.

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