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Why Does Courage Matter to John McCain?

John McCain cannot seem to find the courage to stand up for the people of Arizona and stop playing politics.
John McCain cannot seem to find the courage to stand up for the people of Arizona and stop playing politics.

Exactly why does courage matter to John McCain? He doesn’t seem prepared to use it for the people of our country or his fellow Arizonans.

John McCain displayed great courage while serving his country. However, McCain cannot seem to find the courage to stand up for the people of Arizona and stop playing politics and protecting the incompetent members of the inner political circle.

John McCain is a ware hero. Let’s get that point out of the way from the start. Anyone who fights for their country is a war hero. Especially those who endured five years of capture as a prisoner of war. That is a war hero in my book.

John McCain is not a good senator for Arizona. This is also a fact. Moreover, McCain is no longer good for our country. Yes, the very country he fought and gave his soul to protect.

John McCain appears to be so hellbent on opposing any legislation which benefits the American people, including those in his own state of Arizona, that McCain is looking weak, reckless and like a liability.

McCain has served as the senior United States Senator for Arizona since 1987. That’s thirty (30) years! Another example of the need for term limits… but that’s another conversation.

During this time span, Arizona has seen been hit with some of the harshest economic conditions in the county. For example, Tucson is battling a foreclosure crisis at this very moment and has the highest violent crime rate in Arizona.

The city of Phoenix is seeing HOAs foreclosing on homes as a result of the avalanche of foreclosures that devastated Arizona’s real estate market in the last 8 to 10 years. Homeowners who fall behind in their dues can have their homes seized.

Illegal immigration. The state of Arizona has been forced to roll over and play dead while mass amounts of illegal immigrants, including drug cartel members, have been allowed to roam free in the very state that is being represented by a former United States war hero and sitting state senator. Even more outrageous, McCain opposed the movement to build a wall along the southern border states (such as Arizona) that are receiving the most negative results of unchecked illegal immigration.

What is wrong with this picture? Everything.

The only people McCain seems willing to protect are the old guard, like minded career politicians like himself. It doesn’t even matter what side of political isle they are on or what policies they are trying to push through. If you are a career politician John McCain has got your back.

McCain voted no to repeal and replace Obamacare. Sad but true.

Even with public knowledge that Arizona Obamacare plans would increase up to 116% and every healthcare expert and analyst stating Arizona would be hit the hardest by Obamacare, McCain voted no on repeal and replace.

Why not vote no? McCain doesn’t have to worry about healthcare for his family or himself. He enjoys a lifetime of healthcare paid for by the American people.

McCain has chosen politics (i.e., business) as usual rather than defend and protect the interests of the people of Arizona.

Perhaps McCain should worry less about his Twitter account and focus more on the people of Arizona and the citizens of the very country he fought to protect. If not, please step aside and let someone who is passionate about improving the daily lives of American citizens tackle the task at hand.

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