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Yoga, meditation and murder

Yoga, meditation and murder
Yoga teacher accused of the murder of her twin sister tried to seduce deceased sister’s boyfriend after fatal SUV crash.

A yoga instructor accused of murdering her twin by deliberately driving off a cliff in Hawaii tried to seduce her deceased sister’s boyfriend after the fatal crash, he told the court.

Alexandria and Anastasia Duval were seen arguing on a narrow, winding highway on the island of Maui when their SUV plunged 200 feet over a cliff.

Alexandria Duval’s defense attorney claimed the 2016 crash that killed her sister was a tragic accident, while prosecutors say she intended to hurt or kill her twin.

Alexandria Duval “didn’t have any answers” when he asked about the crash, Anastasia’s boyfriend Federico Bailey testified on Tuesday.

Instead, she put on her dead sister’s dress and asked him to help wash her hair.

“She was flirting with me, and she was cuddling on me. She came and sat down by me really close, and she laid her head on my shoulder,” Bailey said.

While the Duval twins operated the popular Twin Power Yoga studio in Florida together and drove matching Porsches, their relationship was a turbulent one, according to Bailey.

“They fought like men. They punched each other. They fought like soldiers. It seemed like they had some martial arts training. They know how to fight, and they used their techniques on each other,” Bailey said in his testimony on Tuesday.

Bailey was on a camping trip with the twins when another one of their fights broke out.

“They were punching each other and slapping each other and hitting each other in the front seat” the morning of May 29, 2016, Bailey said.

The fight lasted about five minutes, and they were getting ready to leave the campsite when Alexandria said she was going to drive her sister to the bathroom.

But they didn’t reappear until four hours later, Bailey said. He spoke to the sisters and went to the bathroom, only to find they had disappeared again when he returned.

With the twins still gone the next morning, Bailey hitchhiked back to his home, where Alexandria turned up at around 3:30 p.m. and delivered the news of Anastasia’s death.

Alexandria pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder. The trial started on Monday, and the judge is expected to decide on the case this week.

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