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Colin Kaepernicks Unthanksgiving is Unbelievable

In 2014 Colin Kaepernick received a record seven-year, $126 million contract and yet chose to spend a full season making headlines by protesting the national anthem. as opposed to putting the points on the board.
In 2014 Colin Kaepernick received a record seven-year, $126 million contract. Yet chose to spend a full season making headlines protesting the national anthem and not putting the points on the board.

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick did not celebrate Thanksgiving in typical American fashion. No turkey, no mashed potatoes and gravy, no cranberry sauce, no pumpkin pie, nothing joyous.

However, there was no shortage of stuffing on hand as he chose to acknowledge Thanksgiving by lending his voice and support to the many Native Americans who traveled to Alcatraz Island in protest of the genocide they say is representative of our national Thanksgiving holiday.

The suffering and wrongs done to Native Americans at the hand of our country’s first settlers and beyond, is not a part of our history in which to be proud. The Native American peoples were robbed of their homeland and slaughtered, let it be said clearly, time does not heal all wounds. This is a fact and a true stain on our history. This was an absolute atrocity done to Native Americans, no question or argument.

It is quite good to know that Colin Kaepernick can feel the pain of others, lend a hand and a voice to the cause. But, alongside that, how is it possible that this young man can find nothing in his own life to be thankful for?

Because if he is, you sure would never know it. How about your loving and supportive parents, Colin? How about your many professional achievements? Perhaps your pro football career, which paid you quite handsomely? Around $39 million dollars. No thanks for any of that? OK, then, maybe you are, at the very least thankful for the things you were able to acquire in life due to your professional football salary including your yacht?

colin kaepernick parents
The parents of Colin Kaepernick.

Let us not forget that in 2014 Kaepernick received a record seven-year, $126 million contract.

It was his choice to spend a full season making headlines surrounding his protest of the national anthem as opposed to putting the points on the board.

Here’s a play even the most unseasoned rookie knows. When your on the football field, play football. When you’re not on the football field, go ahead and enjoy the freedoms this country has given you.

Here’s a thought, maybe take a break from the boat and go create your own foundation. You know, regarding all the things you find disconcerting and unsatisfying about America. The land of the free, including you Colin. Free to command one of the highest paying contracts in NFL history and then piss on it.

Let’s not forget Kaepernick bought a home in 2014 for $2.7 million in the extremely pricey city of San Jose, California. He then went on to put the property under a massive renovation. The 4,569-square-foot house includes four bedrooms, 5.5 baths and a waterfall swimming pool with a jacuzzi. According to reports, Kaepernick sold his San Jose home for $3.75 million. That’s a $180,000 profit. Still, nothing to be thankful for this year…

Also, if you haven’t already done so, please provide the names of said charities and foundations that you, Colin Kaepernick, not only put your voice behind, but your own money into.

Because until, or unless you do exactly that, you, Colin, would appear to be just attaching yourself to the cause of the month. No labor or love and no sweat equity coming from you.

So, here’s a free-be, Colin, a name you could use for your good works, “Colin….For the People”.

It’s all encompassing, yet vacant and benign at the same time. Sounds like a perfect fit. Use it wisely.

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